Apple Tree

Apple Tree

Eat an Apple, save its Seeds, grow small Tree in your House Garden. Watch your Tree growing. From year 7, sell them on street. Define your Price. Pluck 10 Apples per Customer.

Open a very small business. Apple Tree plans it perfectly.

Includes the Bakery Tutorial, a Multi-Material Tool builder calculator, the Apple Tree simulation (easily customizable for similar vegetables), an Apple Tree Plantage calculator for starting up a professional business, a Water Supply - Well Builder intro simulation, The Dynamic Idea and Roadmap Competition, and a configurable Time Ruler.

The software's Formulas are fully Transparent through automated, interactive ToolTips on demand.
Dynamic Applications are gathering no data at all, so you can plan secretly and don't have to worry.

Overall, Apple Tree is an interesting example of defining a very small business and living a basic life from home.

  • Version 5.87
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  • File Size 4.44 MB
  • File Count 2
  • Create Date November 29, 2020
  • Last Updated November 29, 2020

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