Convert Music Blu-rays to Lossless Hi-Fi Audios
As an audiophile, common forms of music, such as songs downloaded from iTunes, Amazon Music, or streamed from Apple Music, Spotify, Rdio and the like are far away from being able to satisfy your growing appetite for high quality music. Lucky if you have a large collection of Blu-rays at home, DVDFab Hi-Fi Audio Converter for Mac can convert music and movie Blu-rays into lossless FLAC audios, ready for your high-end acoustic system at home. Don?t bother to turn on your TV each time you want to enjoy your favorite album.

24-Bit and up to 192 kHz High-Definition Output
When compared with the regular 16-bit/44.1kHz format used to create CDs or the source files, such as MP3, M4A or AAC, used by the aforementioned download sites and streaming services, what makes the DVDFab Hi-Fi Audio Converter for Mac produced high-resolution audio files sound astounding is that, they have a much higher sampling frequency and bit depth encoding, 24-bit/96kHz in most instances, some maybe as stunning as 192kHz sample rate. This is just what matters most to an audiophile and his/her first-class hardware setup.

2 Conversion Profiles with Multi-Channel Options
The Hi-Fi Audio Converter module is integrated into the Blu-ray Ripper module, in the form of 2 conversion profiles, namely, FLAC Stereo and FLAC Multi-Channel, offering varying channel options ? Stereo, Dolby Surround/ProLogic, Dolby ProLogic II, 5.1 multi-channel and 7.1 multi-channel. That said, although being integrated, the Hi-Fi Audio Converter module works independently, even if the Blu-ray Ripper module has expired or you simply don?t purchase that module.

Create Playback Friendly CUE File for Accuracy
If not split by chapters during the conversion, DVDFab Hi-Fi Audio Converter for Mac will convert the entire music Blu-ray to a single audio file, which makes it difficult to jump from one track to another during playback.

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