ENC Recovery

ENC Securitys new Recovery application is the data-recovery tool for anyone who has lost a file, suffered a crash, has damaged hardware, or accidentally interrupted a saving action. Intuitive and simple, Recovery performs exactly as its name implies: Recovery will find and restore a users data and previously established file system so their data is brought back to life just as it was before it was lost.

The ENC software is unique in that it can recover any type of file or directory structure, including those with custom extensions, GoPro, and other video footage. Its also one of the only recovery options for digital Vaults, such as through ENCs DataVault. While recovering a Vault with its directory structure is not typically possible with other programs, Recovery does so with ease, ensuring any files saved in a Vault are also retrievable.

Recovery can be completed in just five easy steps starting with downloading and installing the free ENC Recovery program onto a PC or Mac hard drive. The next step is to open Recovery and then select the drive that held the lost folders and files. During the preview stage, ENC Recovery will show if the files are restorable, and if so, guide users through the purchase of the ENC Recovery license. The last step is to restore the files to any location.

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