How to Save Multiple EML as PDF File

Thinking about how to save multiple EML as PDF files? Yes, then download professional software i.e. EML to PDF Converter tool that can provide batch facility to convert multiple EML files into PDF files in one go without losing any documents. Preview function also available for the users to re-view the details of loaded EML files. This converter also offer multiple filters like filter by date, filter by emails etc. The tool also give many options to save attachments of EML files to PDF files. Moreover, it offers countless features like multiple file naming option, search option, separate filer option, save log report option etc. It keeps all the elements of emails i.e. metadata (to, cc, bcc, subject, sent/received date, etc.), formatting (HTML, RTF), hyperlinks, images, embedded attachments etc. This software is easily handle by all users without any experts help. To get more knowledge about how to save multiple EML as PDF files download this tool and use its free demo version to understand the whole method of how to save multiple EML as PDF files with 20 EML files, free of charges.

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