Marcom Robot Data Quality Engine Marketo

Marcom Robot Data Quality Engine Marketo

Integrate MARCOM Robot with your Marketo instance via our RESTFUL API and enable continuous data enrichment, email and phone number validation for your new and existing leads, contacts and accounts stored in Marketo.

By implementing a robust data enrichment and email validation process, you can significantly increase your targeting options, improve the quality of data and reduce your annual cost of Marketo (Adobe).

With Marleto's ever increasing storage costs, it's important to integrate Marketo with a data quality solution that would be continuously enriching your new and existing records, as well as identifying invalid records that need to be removed to free up extra space in your database.

Be careful though, legacy third-party data enrichment tools for Marketo demonstrate 55-60% match rate. The reason for such poor match rates is that those tools are only capable of enriching records in real time. That means that if there was no match between your records and their database, you won't get your records enriched.

MARCOM Robot is not just enriching data and validating email addresses and phone numbers for your leads and contacts stored in Marketo in real time. It keeps track of all records that we haven't found a match for right away. Then it makes a re-crawl and updates your remaining records within 48 hours. As the result, your match rates are upwards of 90%, which is unheard of in the industry.

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  • Create Date December 11, 2020
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