Stroke treatment guidelines are incredibly complex. There are numerous stroke treatment protocols and stroke treatment algorithms which are specific to various stroke treatment algorithms and these treatment protocols include scientific guidance as to how to treat and when to treat and when not to treat, Stroke treatment is centered around IV TPA which has rigid set of criteria which often can be confusing. And now with the advent of endovascular treatment for stroke , various stroke treatment centers have implemented endovascular treatment, depending on the availability of trained interventional stroke specialists. Endovascular stroke treatment using a catheter fundamentally involves physically removing the thrombus or clot that is causing the stroke. The STROKE SIMULATOR software simplifies this whole process and runs a given stroke case scenario through these algorithms and gives output that gives insight into what criteria are met and what criteria are not met, and it does all that extremely fast. The stroke simulator is bringing to stroke care something that has been missing for a long time. If you are involved in stroke care, this is a must see educational software . It works on android and iOS devices.

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