Transparent Cloud Storage Migration SDK

EaseTag Tiered Storage (hierarchical storage management, HSM) Filter Driver SDK, is a data storage technique which automatically moves data between high-cost local disk and low-cost remote cloud storage. EaseTag tiered storage SDK can help simplify the migration process by providing the transparent file access from the remote storage. Using the cloud as a storage tier, data can first be moved to a ?warm' archive tier of higher-performance disk, where it can still be accessed quickly to meet RPO and RTO SLA's. As you retain archives for longer, older data can then be moved to a ?cold' archive tier with better economics. (This is similar to the tiered storage cost/performance model offered by Amazon S3 with its ?warm? Standard tier, ?cold? Infrequent Access tier and ?frozen? Glacier tier.)

EaseTag SDK can create a stub file when your local file was migrated to the cloud storage. On your local storage, a stub file looks and acts like a regular file without taking the physical space, the stub file keeps all the properties and securities of the original file with the embedded customized meta data. When the user application accesses a migrated stub file, the EaseTag driver will retrieve the data back from the remote storage and return it back to the application, it is completely transparent to the application.

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