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Watch this 5 minute video to discover how ULTIMATE TEXT TO VIDEO V3.0 will revolutionize the way you convert unlimited text to stunning videos with voice-over in JUST 3 EASY STEPS.

You don't have to be a graphic designer, video expert to create stunning videos anymore. You don't need any expensive software that needs a level of expertise that will drive you crazy.

All you have to do is put any text like product reviews, how to articles, news articles or anything you want to create a video about in a TXT file and save it. Choose a background image, start image and end image about your subject and click go. Our software will create a stunning video with or without Voice-Over video in minutes. Just watch the video above and see how easy it is!

Create Videos In Less Than 5 Mins!

Our software is so fast it will create voice-over videos in less than 5 mins and videos without voice even faster. It is one of the fastest text to video software on market. Our software is made for you to speed up your way of creating marketing videos so you can have more time to make money promoting your products or affiliate offers. Our software will be the only marketing program you use to create Unlimited Videos each and every day!

Join or Split Your Videos With Just One Click

If you are not convinced yet just hear this out. With our software you can join your marketing videos in the blink of an eye. For example you created a how to video with our software and you have an intro video you want to add to the begining of your video. You don't need any extra software to join them. Our software does it all in just 1 click. Choose the videos you want to join together and click join and that is it!

What if you have a long video that you want to split. No problem at all! Just choose the video and define how long each video part should be in seconds and click split. You are done!

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